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BL-G BLUELIGHT Medical device
 Category:  Therapeutic Apparatus
 Model:  BL-G
 Weight:  3500.00g
 Size:  275*173*61 mm
 Price:$181.10          Market Price:$490.00

                                  BL-G BLUELIGHT Medical device
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus(BLUELIGHT Diagnosis and treatment of Instrument, Multifunction Therapeutic Apparatus)it uses the most advanced digital chip in the world,including Seventh-generation micro-computer digital-type BL-F which is totally Unique. One BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Equipment Equal to five ones, Diagnosis and treatment of Instrument without Medication. In phasing out the electrical pulse therapy instrument which can talk. It is not only Combined Diagnosis and treatment together,but also remain high rate of diagnostic accuracy, Better efficacy, It is easy to operation. Be described as "a machine in hand, health worries," Be called at home and abroad of the model of home medical equipment.
Service excellence:
First,Ear probe, Two-way hand-ear diagnosis
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus it uses High-tech electronic technology Integrated with the homeland of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, Response on behalf of the human body organs and parts of each of the corresponding hand, ear representative points (ie, hand hole, ear) for detection. It Can be quickly detected of human organs and other parts of the early lesion within a few minutes, Including the detection of malignant tumors, hand, ear with the detection of Accuracy rate of 95% or more, To achieve the purposes of an early self-discovery of potential disease.
Second,five output treatment
With electrical pulses, comprehensive treatment I, comprehensive treatment II, far-infrared heat , five way treatment and Two-way hand-ear output of the characteristics of diagnosis, Treatment time can be arbitrarily set within 32 minutes.
Third,Eight treatment of functional independence
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus Another distinguishing feature is able to acupuncture, massage, percussion, massage, Scrapping, beat, cupping, kneading the eight functions that can be separated from an integrated operation system. Clear sense of a variety of effects, unique, arbitrary, easy.
Fourth.13 kinds of treatment
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus, it possesses previous generations of products available in electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, massage,chirapsia, acupuncture, cupping, qigong, far-infrared heat, water, hand, foot and reflection of electromagnetic therapy, (Production) activity such as magnetic water treatment outside the therapeutic, At the same time with the hand, ear treatment and a variety of exercises two-way integrated and stand-alone treatment of 13 major treatment, everything, Additional value.

Fifth,High frequency integrated therapy
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus, the product with An anti-market treatment function compared with single and inadequate common household product. With low, medium and high integrated audio chip, the technology in the current world-leading level, allowing you to truly appreciate the course of treatment to effect better, more comfort.
Sixth,Multi-function voice prompts 15
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus, At the same time with a different functional operation of the entire voice prompt functions, Voice clear, soft tone of voice, synchronization guide, so that make your diagnosis and treatment process more convenient and easy. It fully demonstrates the high-tech products designed to fool the performance and Humanized-Design features,The greatest degree of various types to meet the needs of users, both young and old to understand at a glance, a use would be, Point that the pass.
Seventh,Large-screen LCD display
BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus, Imported LCD screen, screen large, legible, highly reliable, readily available all of its effectiveness, see at a glance.
Eighth, FM radio
Others do not have, people have my fine. BL-G BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus, Also has a FM radio features FM stereo, Using popular search button electronic control units which is set to close multi-platform, strong anti-interference, and integrated governance entertain. Great sport.
strengthen the body, prevent the disease, specially for diagnosis + treatment.

BL-G Yidiantong type technique parameter
Alternative choice for switch power supply AC 220V (50Hx)±10%
or AC110V(50Hx)±10%
Power consumption 40W
Voltage 0 to 70V adjustable voice frequency
Diagnosis current 2 Ma
Sonification consumption 5W
Temperature  tolerance   -10 to 45
Homidity tolerance 90%
Magnetic intensity 0.2T to 0.5T
Time fixing 1 to 32 minutes chooce freely
Time display LCD display
Internal chip Imported microcomputer chip
Electrode wave High ,medium and low audio frequency chip
Product dimension 275*173*61mm
Net weight 2100g
Heat treatment 60(adjustable)

The Curative Effect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus
disease of prostate, stroke, palsy, hemiplegia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipemia, coronary
heat disease, rheumatism, arthritis deformans, femoral head necrosis, chronic hepatitis, cervical
syndrome, scapulohumeral periarthritis, bmnchitis, asthma, cataract, myopia, hypomnesia,
gingivitis, lumbar disc herniation, hyperosteogeny, gout, hemorrhoids, insomnia, impotence, kidney
stone, liver and gall stone, emphysematous cystitis, nephritis, sciatica…etc.
Bluelight Therapeutic theory:
Based on the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine on channel point’s treatment, Bluelight
Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can stimulate acupoints of the human body , promote blood
circulation ,encourage circulation, and balance Yin and Yang to cure diseases ,and can beautify
the skin, keep the physical health.
Bluelight is Hubei famous trademark and has passed the ISO9001:2000 :13485 and CE certifications! There are two sets of compact disk about video teaching. We are a large scale R&D manufactory of Hospital multifunction therapeutic apparatus and global supplier of home health care equipment.
It can be called as acupuncture,therapy instrument,sitmulaotr ,beauty equipment,massage,pain relief,weight loss products,health care products,medical device,medical equipment.

Your healthcare experts !                      

Hubei Bluelight physiotherapy medical equipment, the integration of electrotherapy, magnetic therapy ,far infrared thermotherapy , holographic therapy, acupuncture, massage, chirapsia, cupping, Qigong, knocking, beating and kneading ,the authoritative experts of the traditional Chinese medical treatment!


Typical disease: stroke; palsy; hemiplegia; diabetes; hypertension; hyperlipemia

coronary heat disease;rheumatism;arthritis deformans;femoral head necrosis;chronic hepatitis;cervical syndrome;scapulohumeral periarthritis;


disc herniation;hyperosteogeny;gout;hemorrhoids;insomnia;impotence;

kidney stone;liver and gall stone;emphysematous cystitis;nephritis;sciaticaetc. 

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