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BL-EA BLUELIGHT Medical Equipment
 Category:  Therapeutic Apparatus
 Model:  BL-EA
 Weight:  4000.00g
 Size:  26*30*11Cm
 Price:$157.00          Market Price:$340.00

BL-EA  BLUELIGHT Medical Equipment

BL-EA BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus also known as Bluelight physical rehabilitation instrument, Bluelight multi-functional treatment instrument.
BL-EA BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus has a broad range of application that is controlled by microcomputer with different complex forms of wave circulating automatically, which is suitable for major and medium or small specialized hospitals, hospitals in small towns and villages, clinics, institutions, associations, the trade unions, houses for the retired leaders, the sanatoriums and welfare homes.
For highlighting the conception of treatment in a whole, BL-EA BLUELIGHT Therapeutic Apparatus can treat on three acupuncture points in one person by three different electrodes at the same time to treat most effectively. Great functioning and convenience: It is a powerful and convenient medical apparatus integrating the health care and treatment. One Electronic muscle stimulators BL-EA Style is equal to several BL-EX Luxury Intelligent Types operating at the same time, which has a maximum of 10 persons.
A people-oriented therapy with greater effect: All treatment methods give full consideration to the human body's biological condition, which can adjust the intensity and the treatment time based on different patients at different periods of physical condition. It is the real "set up medical prescriptions directly to diseases", which is more efficient.
The sophisticated protection circuits: The output of each loop is set up to pave the way back to zero and automatic circuit to protect the circuit. Once one electrode and electrode lines breaking away from the body or in short-circuit, it can have access to the automatic return-to-zero to prevent the electrical stimulation exportation to the patients of on-off current, which guarantee the security of the using.
Integrating Diagnosis treatment and cosmetology: BL-EA health device can dredge channels and alliterates and strengthen blood circulation, which can not only cure diseases, but can also achieve the effect of health and beauty.
The Curative Effect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus
disease of prostate, stroke, palsy, hemiplegia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipemia, coronary
heat disease, rheumatism, arthritis deformans, femoral head necrosis, chronic hepatitis, cervical
syndrome, scapulohumeral periarthritis, bmnchitis, asthma, cataract, myopia, hypomnesia,
gingivitis, lumbar disc herniation, hyperosteogeny, gout, hemorrhoids, insomnia, impotence, kidney
stone, liver and gall stone, emphysematous cystitis, nephritis, sciatica…etc.
Bluelight Therapeutic theory:
Based on the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine on channel point’s treatment, Bluelight
Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can stimulate acupoints of the human body , promote blood
circulation ,encourage circulation, and balance Yin and Yang to cure diseases ,and can beautify
the skin, keep the physical health.

Bluelight is Hubei famous trademark and has passed the ISO9001:2000 :13485 and CE certifications! There are two sets of compact disk about video teaching.. We  are a large scale R&D manufactory of Hospital multifunction therapeutic apparatus and global supplier of home health care equipment.
It can be called as acupuncture,therapy instrument,sitmulaotr ,beauty equipment,massage,pain relief,weight loss products,health care products,medical device,medical equipment.

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Hubei Bluelight physiotherapy medical equipment, the integration of electrotherapy, magnetic therapy ,far infrared thermotherapy , holographic therapy, acupuncture, massage, chirapsia, cupping, Qigong, knocking, beating and kneading ,the authoritative experts of the traditional Chinese medical treatment!


Typical disease: stroke; palsy; hemiplegia; diabetes; hypertension; hyperlipemia

coronary heat disease;rheumatism;arthritis deformans;femoral head necrosis;chronic hepatitis;cervical syndrome;scapulohumeral periarthritis;


disc herniation;hyperosteogeny;gout;hemorrhoids;insomnia;impotence;

kidney stone;liver and gall stone;emphysematous cystitis;nephritis;sciaticaetc.


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