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 Category:  Therapeutic Apparatus
 Model:  BL-EX
 Weight:  1260.00g
 Size:  180*138*55 mm
 Price:$80.70          Market Price:$280.00


The 6th generation of Bluelight serial products BL-EX (also known as Bluelight Massage treatment device, Bluelight cervical treatment instrument), designed in humanization, it completely washes out the treatments of low-frequency impulse with simple function in the market.With double-method output, it is quite common for the treatment to one person in many points or for two in simultaneity, which is in great need for hospitals and clinics.

Initiating the auto frequency conversion circuit based on Eight-Diagram Midnight-Noon Cycle of Qi, it can effectively match the physiological conditions of human body and improve the curative effect accordingly.

Utilizing the operation of stepless balance on output intensity, it can reach the best output effect and improve the curative effect and flexibility.

In common use of electrical source、electromagnetism and electrode pole at home and abroad, its 8 auto-converting functions bring you much convenience and magic curative effect.

Utilizing quality CMOS chips and microcomputer control, the products’ capability is much more stable. The timing is at a 3-divided set with sound alarming system. It will automatically cut the output as soon as the finish of the treatment.

Imported chip controlled by microcomputer with stable performance

Two sets of electrodes with greater effect

Diagnosis + Treatment + Cosmetology

Eight output models with free adjustment and a variety of simultaneous treatment, which provides three miraculous effects-decreasing fat, tightening skin and discharging toxin

Decreasing fat: Decomposing, burning, eliminating, tightening unnecessary hypodermic fat on the waist and abdomen

Making the waist obviously slender, the exquisite curve appears completely;

Tightening skin: Strengthening cell vigor in the body and repairing the damaged tension fiber and collogen, the flesh becomes much more elastic;

Discharging toxin: Accelerating the blood circulation by the biological electrical signal to discharge the waste and toxin caused by metabolism faster.

BL-EX Luxury Intelligent  type technique parameter
Alternative choice for switch power supply AC 220V (50Hx)±10%
or AC110V(50Hx)±10%
Power consumption 12W
Voltage 0 to 70V(adjustable)
Temperature tolerance   -5 to 45
Homidity tolerance 90%
Magnetic intensity 0.2T to 0.5T
Time fixing 3',6',9'
Time display Illuminated tube
Internal chip Imported microcomputer chip
Electrode wave Auto frequency conversion circuit
Product dimension 180*138*55mm
Net weight 980g

The Curative Effect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus
disease of prostate, stroke, palsy, hemiplegia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipemia, coronary
heat disease, rheumatism, arthritis deformans, femoral head necrosis, chronic hepatitis, cervical
syndrome, scapulohumeral periarthritis, bmnchitis, asthma, cataract, myopia, hypomnesia,
gingivitis, lumbar disc herniation, hyperosteogeny, gout, hemorrhoids, insomnia, impotence, kidney
stone, liver and gall stone, emphysematous cystitis, nephritis, sciatica…etc.
Bluelight Therapeutic theory:
Based on the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine on channel point’s treatment, Bluelight
Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can stimulate acupoints of the human body , promote blood
circulation ,encourage circulation, and balance Yin and Yang to cure diseases ,and can beautify
the skin, keep the physical health.

Bluelight is Hubei famous trademark and has passed the ISO9001:2000 :13485 and CE certifications! There are two sets of compact disk about video teaching. .We  are a large scale R&D manufactory of Hospital multifunction therapeutic apparatus and global supplier of home health care equipment.
It can be called as acupuncture,therapy instrument,sitmulaotr ,beauty equipment,massage,pain relief,weight loss products,health care products,medical device,medical equipment.

Your healthcare experts !                      

Hubei Bluelight physiotherapy medical equipment, the integration of electrotherapy, magnetic therapy ,far infrared thermotherapy , holographic therapy, acupuncture, massage, chirapsia, cupping, Qigong, knocking, beating and kneading ,the authoritative experts of the traditional Chinese medical treatment!


Typical disease: stroke; palsy; hemiplegia; diabetes; hypertension; hyperlipemia

coronary heat disease;rheumatism;arthritis deformans;femoral head necrosis;chronic hepatitis;cervical syndrome;scapulohumeral periarthritis;


disc herniation;hyperosteogeny;gout;hemorrhoids;insomnia;impotence;

kidney stone;liver and gall stone;emphysematous cystitis;nephritis;sciaticaetc.


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