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Home massager for Waist and Back
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  Home massager for Waist and Back



1.Rubbing the soles of the feet: After washing the feet with hot water everynight, keep a sitting posture and rub the soles of the feet for 5 to 10 minutesevery time. It is beneficial to invigorating and strengthening the kidney,which can activate the Qi in the kidney and prevent hypertension andarteriosclerosis.

2.Concentrating ideas on the pubic region: When feeling tired of work or study,close the eyes with the tongue supporting the palate and clear out all distractingthoughts, then concentrate all ideas on the pubic region below the umbilicus.The time can be flexible. You would feel completely refreshed and energetic after doingthis.

3.Strengthening the heart: Press the Laogong Point in the center of palms often;this can strengthen the heart. You can use the two thumbs to press the LaogongPoint for each other or put the both hands on the angle of a desk to press thepoint. The time can be flexible.

4.Strengthening the waist and invigorating the kidney: Wiggle the waist to keepthe fitness of the kidney functions. Standing with the two hands crossed in thewaist, put the upper body slightly forward and slowly wiggle the waist around,then accelerate the movements gradually until the waist feeling heated.

5.Warming the kidney: Massage thetestes gently with the both hands in turns for 81 times each before going tobed every night. The movements should be performed as if the hands hold twoballs rolling back and forth.

6.Massaging the small abdomen: Put the hand on the pubic region before going tobed every night, then rub the region clockwise for 36 times first, and rub itanti-clockwise for 36 times. It is beneficial to the arrangement of Qi and goodfor the stomach and digestion.

7.Pressing the Zusanli Point: The Zusanli Point is one of the important points ofstrengthening the body. Press the Zusanli Point with fingernails, and it takeseffect when the part feeling numb and swollen.It is beneficial to the healthif you do it often.

8.Protecting the dental health:

(a)Shut the mouth and clench the teeth when defecating and urinating.

(b)Knock the teeth often. It can protect the teeth with the firmness and preventthem from falling off if you keep doing it for many years.

9.Promoting the sleep: For 30 minutes before going to bed every night, rub thepalms to make them heated first, then put them onto the cheeks. Push the twomiddle fingers upward from the “Yingxiang Point” to the hairline, and push themthrough the “Qingming”, “Zanzhu” and “Tongzijiao” Points; then push the twohands downward from the back of the frontal eminences in two sides respectivelywith the index finger passing through the “Ermen” Point to return to thestarting point. Massage the head with these movements repeatedly for 30 to 40 times. It can treat neurasthenia andpromote the sleep.

10.Taking a walk: Insisting on taking a walk every day is a very effective way ofkeeping health. And taking a walk after meals is beneficial to digestion. Thetime of a walk can be flexible.


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