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How to keep fit
Kinds:Bluelight Encyclopedia   Time:15/12/2012   By:Tracy Wu

An English proverb goes: An apple a daykeeps the doctor away. From this we can see a good and balanced diet is veryimportant for ones health.That is a mixture of all kinds of useful substancescarbohydrates(碳水化合物), fats, proteins(蛋白质), fiber, minerals, vitamins,and water. Carbohydrates supply about half of your energy. Proteins are forbody building. You need them for growth and for replacing dead cells. Your bodyalso needs small amounts of minerals and vitamins. For example, calcium(钙)is important for making bones andteeth and it is from cheese and milk you eat. You can see nothing at night ifyou lack vitamin A. Fiber cant be digested(消化), but it is good for your body because it helps food pass through yourgut(肠)moreeasily. You need about a litre of water every day and more if it is hot or youare very active. Drinks, fruits and other foods contain water in them.


The public opinion


All living things need food.  Good and suitable foods really have much todo with good health. If poisonous(有毒的)chemicals get into food, they can kill living things. So we cant eat polluted food and we cant drink polluted water. Whats worse, with the development ofmodern agriculture and industry, more and more waste is produced. Agricultureand industry should not go against nature. We should take science, technologyand balance of the nature into accounts in agriculture and industry.


A middle school teacher


I think we should form good habit of life.We should eat three meals in correct time. Smoking is harmful to our health. Itis a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of goodhealth. They spend their limited time smoking and drinking. They do not knowthey just waste part of their own lives.


One of the middle school students


As to us middle school students, after aday of hard study, we should have sports for one or two hours. Only work withno play will make a clever boy dull. We middle school students should enjoy acolorful life in school. Our life should be happy, healthy and interesting.


Thinking:What is your suggestion on how tokeep fit? Make your voice heard by us.

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