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How To Lose Weight
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How To Lose Weight

Roughly one-third of the population of the United Statesis considered to be obese. While some individuals choose to lose weight forcosmetic purposes, there are underlying health concerns which should beaddressed. Obesity is in the top two for leading causes of death in the U.S. because itplaces individuals at a significantly higher risk for heart disease, cancer andcerebrovascular ailments which can include strokes. It has also been proventhat being overweight and inactive considerably increases the risk of diabeteswhich is the sixth leading cause of death. With this in mind, whether it isthrough diet, exercise, weight loss products or a combination of the three - ithas become vital to understand how to lose weight.


                                      Weight Loss through Diet


Sometimes minor dietary changes are allthat is needed to provide significant weight loss over time. Consider the factthat in order to lose one pound it is necessary to cut back on approximately3600 calories. It is quite possible to lose one pound per week from dietarychanges alone by eating roughly 515 fewer calories per day. That might soundlike a lot but sometimes minor adjustments can facilitate that quite easily.One chocolate bar is equivalent to 500 calories or more and the amount of oiland/or butter consumed in the course of the day can quickly add up to 900calories.


Snack Healthy


Learning how to lose weight with healthysubstitutions is an effective way to diet. A small snack size bag of potatochips is at least 500 calories and that's not accounting for the dip. It isimperative to find all the hidden fats that most of us are totally unaware of.If you are going to consume products such as chips, always substitute bakedchips for fried chips and find a fat-free alternative for dip ??? in which casesalsa is perfect. Some people enjoy rice cakes that are low in calories, fatfree and come in an assortment of flavors. Condiments are another source ofhidden calories that are often overlooked. Mayonnaise, for instance, is made fromwhipped oil and egg. Many people fail to account for all that fat whenslathering it onto their low-fat turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. If youare one who likes to have a chocolate bar or cake now and then, consider freshfruit instead. Even if that seems too boring, use fat-free whipped toppings orfat-free yogurt on the fruit to make it more appealing.


Abstain from Refined Sugars and Starches


There are plenty of carbs that fall intothe low glycemic index which can be safely eaten in moderation. Most wholegrain products, although high in carbs, are composed of healthier, lowglycemic, slow burning carbs. Cook with brown rice instead of white rice anduse buckwheat noodles (soba) in place of pasta which has little nutritive valuewhich results in wasted calories. Most importantly, the best advice for how tolose weight and improve overall health is to increase the daily intake ofdietary fiber. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are extremely low incalories and high in fiber. Not only does fiber keep foods moving through theintestines, fiber is also proven to absorb a certain amount of fats before theycan be absorbed through intestinal walls, to be stored by the body. That isexactly why high fiber foods are considered to be heart- healthy foods.

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