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Bed Sores acupuncture massage
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Bed Sores
Bed sores commonly known as pressure sores, skin ulcers or decubitus are cuts, lesions or swelling acupuncture massage caused due to prolonged pressure on any part of body and usually affect parts of the body over bony areas.
Bed sores commonly occur among handicapped, disabled, paralyzed or bed ridden patients as they are unable to change their position frequently and continuous pressure on specific parts of body lead to bed sores. Bed sores can be treated effectively if found early but can become a life threatening disease as it cuts off blood circulation to parts of the body.
Bed sores commonly occur around the buttocks, heels, lower back and the hip bone area among bed ridden individuals while spine, ankles, knees, head , shoulders are also susceptible to pressure sores depending on the fixed position of the patient. It is important to note that bedsores, if small and detected early can be treated by regular dressings while large or deep bedsores need plastic surgery techniques.
Symptoms of Bed Sores
Based on the severity of the condition, bed sores go through four different stages and the symptoms seen during each stage vary.
Stage I
The skin remains intact, even in the initial stages
In case of lighter skin color, the skin appears darker and does not lighten briefly (blanch) when it is touched
In case of darker skin, no changes in the actual skin color, but the appearance of bluish or purple spots
Pain, softness, tenderness and change in temperature around the skin
Stage II
Ulcers or open wounds
Loss or damage in the underlying layer of the dermis as well as the epidermis
Appearance of pinkish, shallow and basin-like wounds
Ruptured fluid-filled blisters on the skin
Stage III
Development of deep wound at the site of the ulcer
Skin loss, with exposure of fat
Crater-like ulcers appearing on the skin
Appearance of slough or yellowish dead tissue at the bottom of the wound
Spreading of the damage, beyond the primary area of the wound, to the layers of healthy skin
Stage IV
Large scale tissue loss at the site of the ulcer
Appearance of slough or eschar, which is dark, crusty and dead tissue at the bottom of the wound
acupuncture massage Exposed bone, muscle or tendons at the site of the wound
For any patient who has either been confined to a bed or wheelchair for a long period of time, regular inspection of the skin is absolutely necessary. In case any of these symptoms are noticed, it is important to seek emergency medical attention.




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