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Hubei Bluelight Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd has been developed for 15 years since it started to launch. It is now a large-scaled high-tech stock company unified with scientific research, industry and trade as well as manufacturing, supply and sale. The company owns many branches spread over the country and agents in both cities and towns. Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is deeply loved by the domestic and foreign new and old friends. Because of the need of market development, the company is advertising job offers for prominent able people to join us for creating the great business together.


Bluelight's ideas

Hubei Bluelight Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd does not take short-term volume of sales and profit as the ultimate goal, but focuses to the enterprise's long-term profit and the enterprise's cultivation of core competitive ability. The unceasing pursuit of innovation is the basic reason for the Bluelight Company always in the invincible position in the intense market competition, and the company puts great importance on the development and innovation of products with an expense spent for the scientific research above 15% of the turnover every year.


Bluelight's view on talented people

Hubei Bluelight Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd is people-oriented, which values people's subjective initiation and creativity and takes the cultivation of intellectual capital as the enterprise's first core competitive

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