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The Bluelight Company has the abundant fund and the strength. The manufacturing and sales are both among the best in the medical apparatus industries, the network of marketing and post-sale service spreads over more than 20 provinces and cities as well as autonomous regions in China, which has passed the new product appraisal in Hubei Province, Jiangsu Province, Hebei Province and gotten up the table of contents of large and middle scale hospitals in many provinces.

Meanwhile, the Bluelight Company is actively developing overseas markets. Currently, the products have been already sold in the distant markets in Asia, Africa, Latin American Europe and various other countries, including such countries and regions as Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, France, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc.

At present, Hubei Bluelight Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd , with the target "responsibility clear, organization reasonable, operation standard, efficiency enhanced, rewards and punishments impartial", through the reconstruction of organizations and the rearrangement of business procedures, it hopes that Hubei Bluelight Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd will be constructed into a modern company that takes the customers as central, takes the market as guidance, which will not only successfully fulfill the tasks of marketing, but also be able to develop steadily and grow even stronger in the more and more intense competition in the market.



Once you enter the door of Bluelight, we will be a whole family.

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