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Management system

The rights granted by the Blueligt Company to the exclusive distributors:

A. The company delegates to chief distributors of the exclusive rights to sell in the designated areas (the franchise) on commission, and the chief distributors completely hold (monopoly) this market;

B. The exclusive distributors obtain the support from the company of the publishment of the telephone number, address etc. in nationwide advertisement media;
C. The exclusive distributors may have the priority to obtain the right to sell new products of the company on commission;
D. The company provides a full range of marketing programs and the media advertisement model;
E. The company provides publicizing materials, including promo VCD discs, posters, chromatic flyers; (The VCD advertisements are being produced)
F. The company will send specialists in a non-periodical way to the distributors' to assist to sell on spot, solve the difficulties and improve profitability;

As a qualified distributor, you must observe the management strips below:

1. You must strictly hold and defend your sales region, and should not have the evil intention "to flush the goods"(refers to selling the proxy products in non-proxy regions) to other regions;
2. You must communicate regularly with the sale department of the Bluelight Company, feeds back the market information;
3. You must not reveal the company's corresponding sale policies and make rumors with evil intention;
4. You must not participate in or instigate the commercial activities that slanders the company's prestige for maintaining the mutual interest;
5. You must scrupulously follow the contract provisions and keep the commercial prestige.

Price System
The prices below are the unified prices for an entire box in small-scaled distribution

Price System



The prices below are the unified prices for an entire box in small-scaled distribution

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