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Bluelight Company specializes in developing and manufacturing a series of products of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus which have been volume-produced and owns many other high-tech achievements besides. To develop the medical technology of China and serve the public, the Bluelight Company is open to all talents (College graduates account for 90.2% of the whole staff, while masters and doctors who majored in medicine, biology, management and physics take up a percentage of 75.6% in the senior management). It has established a long-term cooperation with Hubei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tongji Medical College of HUST, and specially invites many full and part-time professors from Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science &Technology (HUST) for its scientific research.

It is extensively communicating and cooperating with many celebrated international medical enterprises as well. At present, it has successfully cooperated with AMICTER which is a famous British pharmacy enterprise that once took a part in the international research of gene arrangement. By the cooperation with AMICTER and the gene technology, it has developed a sort of medicine to prevent human cells from canceration which is now in the step of clinical experiment. It's estimated that the profit in the Chinese market will be up to 5 billion RMB.

About Bluelight

Hubei Bluelight Science &Technology Development Co., Ltd is the earliest large-scaled high-tech stock company in China that develops and manufactures domestic medical apparatus unified with scientific research, industry and trade as well as manufacturing, supply and sale. The company is now well-developed, which owns modern official buildings and high-standard manufacturing factories with branches spread over the country and agents in both cities and towns. The company is the star enterprise in Wuhan supported by the provincial government. Meanwhile, the company succeeds greatly in electron, biology, chemistry, estate etc., and it has also harvested quite a lot through its vigorous developments of foreign trade after achieving the export permission in recent years. The Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus accords with the national quality standards for production of medical apparatus and is passing the ISO9002 certification. The products have complete license that is worth trusting to compete with international counterparts in quality and national ones in price.

Bluelight Company regards the quality and prestige as the supreme, which puts itself under the surveillance of clients and administrative departments. It has released the Guarantee on Quality and Credibility solemnly. Besides, it offers complete services (called Ten Reliable Services) in the whole procedure of sale and promises that it will try its best to be honest, efficient and speedy. The Bluelight's behavior principle is Honestly to be a man, while wisely a merchant.

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